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Project – USEF

The Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) provides non-discriminatory access to smart energy systems for all active stakeholders at acceptable cost-to-connect and cost-to-serve levels. The energy framework enables you to seamlessly co-create a fully functional smart energy system and provides an open and consistent framework of specifications, designs and implementation guidelines. The USEF foundation acts as the steward of the framework and has the ambition to establish it as the de-facto framework for smart energy products, services and solutions. USEF aims that by 2018 ten million Prosumers use USEF compliant products services and solutions throughout Europe and preferably abroad.

An important aspect of USEF related to the DSO (Alliander) is to publish so called “congestion points” and offer these point to an “Aggregators” market. SmartCap ToolBox is used to calculate these points based on future scenario’s. Additionally it also gives Alliander insight in the costs associated with the various options.

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