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Vision – Gaia

In the SmartCap Toolbox simulations are carried out to characterize the distribution network load on mid voltage and low voltage levels for both visual and numerical representation, the latter for further analysis and assessment. The units of analysis in these simulations are power [kW] en energy [kWh]. In order to analyze and assess network aspects such as voltage levels, network losses and reactive power, load flow modelling has to be applied. Load flow modelling requires other units of analysis: voltage [V], cables losses [kW], transformer losses [kW] and reactive power [VAr]. Load flow modelling requires solving Kirchhoff equations for which Vision Gaia by Phase to Phase is the usual tool. To this end an interface to Vision Gaia is being designed and implemented. In this way load flow modelling is integrated into the SmartCap Toolbox. SmartCap sends the input deck (for the calculation logic of each Agent per interval) to Vision Gaia that then carries out the complex calculations involved in load flow modelling. Vision Gaia then returns the results to the SmartCap Toolbox, so each Agent can update it’s logic.

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