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The SmartCap Toolbox is a comprehensive simulation model in which the combined consequences of the integration of Solar PV, heat pumps, micro CHPs, EV charging stations and local energy storage on the electricity grid can be analyzed in an interactive, dynamic and integral manner, based on real life grid data (founded on real life measurements over several years). To visualize and calculate a wide range of scenarios in an interactive simulation, gaming technology is deployed. The model is very flexible, and several analysts can simultaneously work on one or more scenarios.

The aim of the SmartCap ToolBox is to offer a large groups of stakeholders a “platform” to easy develop, analyze and visualize models that can help answer the complex questions of the future. To do this we formulated the following requirements for our tool:

  • Handle a variety of scenarios
  • Easy to use
  • Analyst are able to work together within one environment
  • Compatible with existing tools
  • Interactively for a varied public



These requirements suggested that an Agent Based Model would offer the flexibility needed. By using “autonomous objects” that act independently on events it is possible to model the complex interactions in the energy transition: the combined effects of solar PV, heat pumps, micro CHPs, EV charging stations and local energy storage on the electricity grid. As such analysts are able to assess these effects and validate their assumptions by playing scenarios. This approach results in a large library of objects that can be re-used; hence the term “toolbox”. A simulation with the SmartCap Toolbox consists of 5 phases:

  • Generate a correct environment based on objects
  • Generate and place objects that support the “research issue”
  • Let the objects interact with each other
  • Observe the real-time effects
  • Save all interaction data from each object for further analysis or to be able to use it in other tools